Board Members

John Martin


Buddy Hughes

Vice President

My name is Buddy Hughes and I am the third Vice President of the Richardson Fire Fighters Association. This is my second position held on the E-Board, with the first being a shift trustee. I have been employed for the Richardson Fire Department for 11 years now and I am currently a Captain/Paramedic.

I would like to see the Association and its members to continually serve the citizens of Richardson and provide assistance to those in need. It is my goal to get more involved in the community and do more Fix a Home projects. With that being said, if anyone is to come across a citizen in need of something that would ease their lifestyle, reach out and we will see if we can get something in the works.

I am a proud parent of two kids, Ryder is 15, and Hannah is 11. Ryder is involved in football, basketball, track and baseball. Hannah is currently into volleyball and golf and looking venture into all of the sports available!

I am honored to serve as a representative of the Association and I will continue to be a voice that will ask the “hard” questions if the need arises. I am here to serve each and every member to the fullest of my capabilities and am always available for any questions or concerns.

Cody King


Brandon Porter

C-Shift Trustee

My name is Brandon Porter and I am currently the C-Shift Trustee for RFFA. I have been with Richardson Fire Department for 4 years, and have held the trustee position for the past year. During the past four years, I have been actively involved with the association, helping to organize many events. Most recently I have helped organized the BBQ for the Badge event for the last two years, raising money for two families of the Richardson Police Department who were facing unimaginable tragedies. This year I also partnered with Pierce High School to help bring in the Shattered Dreams program. This program has students reenact a DUI accident and shows the students how one decision can change multiple lives for forever.

My wife and I have been married for 5 years and have one son, Luke, who just turned 2. My priority is to make sure that every member goes home safely to their family after each shift, and through the work of RFFA Local 1954 and IAFF, we can continue to improve the fire service and make sure we are making the best decisions for our firefighters and their families.

Nathan Spray

A Shift Trustee

My name is Nathan Spray and I currently serve as A Shift Trustee for the RFFA. I have been with the Richardson Fire Department for 11 years and currently hold the rank of Driver/Engineer. This is my second consecutive term as A shift Trustee and I'm glad to serve. My priority is to listen to my fellow RFFA members and make their opinions and concerns relevant topics for our E-board discussions. I enjoy being involved in the decisions and debates that will impact our department both currently and in the future. There's a great sense of pride that goes with being a part of an E-board that will settle for nothing short of the best for it's member

I have been married to my wife Carolyn for 10 years and we have two wonderful daughters, Emory, 6 and Paisley, 5. They have definitely changed the way I look at life! I believe I'm at a great spot in my career and love my job. I also think that any avenue to improve work conditions, at anytime, should be explored to the fullest extent. With the committed officers and members of our RFFA, I trust that the future only holds greater things for both our Local and our fire department careers.